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Child!Pastas x Reader Prologue

(A/N: This may just be a few chapters-two maybe three-long guys and gals, okay? Don't worry they'll be plenty of cuteness to give you diabetes and stuff, just chill, alright?)

"Guys, I'm back  with the groceries!" You called into the mansion, shouldering the heavy wooden door and keeping it propped open with your foot. Plastic and paper bags weighed down your hands, causing them to droop to the floor. Your muscles ached from having to walk the entire way both to and from the closest store, which had to of been at least twelve miles away. You had been the faceless man's proxy for... about two years now, give or take a few months. But just because you were somewhat 'new' didn't mean that he'd give you any slack. You were charged with all of the 'mundane' work I.E. all of the cleaning and cooking. Basically you were like the housewife, excluding the married part. Usually you would have either Masky, Hoody or maybe even Toby to help you with the groceries, but Slenderman had them doing other far more 'important' tasks. Curse that Slenderman. Living in the middle of the woods was troubling enough as it was. He couldn't of at least gotten some kind of vehicle for little trips to the grocery store and the local butcher? Wait, could he even drive? Huh, now that's a thought.
"Guys! Come on, these bags are heavy!" you shouted, somehow managing to shuffle your way inside with all ten or so bags strapped to your arms. "I could use some help here!" your voice carried on throughout the house, creating an echo. You heard various sounds coming from the kitchen and your brows furrowed. Carefully setting down the groceries you marched your way into the room, slamming the door open as you did so. "I said I need-"
Your voice cut short and you were left staring into the eyes and eye-holes of eight... children. Two were seated on the floor besides one another drawing with each-other while another child wearing goggles twitched behind them and watched, one was absentmindedly gnawing on the handle of a knife while another stood in front of the counter on their tippy-toes trying to reach a jar of kidneys that was just out of reach, one with a green hat far too big for his head was seated at the table along with a monochrome child who was now standing on said table and doing some... weird dance which had the other laughing, and lastly was a child in a black dress who was tugging on the pants leg of a tall faceless man who stood in the middle of it all. For some reason, a very odd reason, you felt as if you knew those children. Maybe it was simply that fact that they-wait, wait, hold the phone. Hold that freaking phone. Do not hang up. You knew why they seemed so familiar-granted it took the knife nomming one's face to get you to finally realize that they weren't just some random kids Slendy brought home for a little afternoon snack. Nope, these children were none other than your housemates.
Slenderman looked entirely frazzled, jacket strewn across the counter and his shirt disheveled with his tie undone and an entirely exhausted look on his... nonexistent face. He turned towards you, "Oh, ________. Child, where have you been?"
"Grocery shopping." you responded, glancing around at the children in the room. They couldn't have been no older than eight. "What... uh, what happened here?"
He rubbed a pale hand against his... face. "That I do not yet know for myself. But, what I do know is that there had been a short storm prior to these... happenings. I hadn't been in the manor at the time, so I was not effected."
"So, a storm somehow managed to do... all of this?" you gestured around with your hands. He simply nodded. "Is there... a cure or something? We can't have baby serial killers and cannibals running around town."
"That is true. I have contacted my brothers, I'm going to meet with them now. They may know what has transpired, if not I will seek guidance from a higher source." he said to you, picking up his jacket from the counter and straightening himself out, dusting off his shirt as he did so. On his way to the kitchen door he had to first detach himself from Jane and step over her before maneuvering his way around Masky and Hoody's various drawings.
"Alright, so who's gonna watch them?" Yes, that was a very good question. Who would be willing to watch some... strange children in a large house in the middle of the woods with a mean red dog on the front porch?
"You are."
"Wait, what?" you nearly yelled, completely flabbergasted. "I can't take care of eight kids all by myself! I couldn't even take care of a goldfish!"
"And what do you suppose I do? Hire a babysitter?" his eye ridges came up ever so slightly, as if he was mocking you.
"Yes! Just-just tell them they like to... to play dress up or something!" you threw your hands into the air.
"Very well then."
You sighed, feeling a great weight being lifted from your shoulders having dodged that bullet. A finger poked at your nose and you cracked open your __e/c__ eyes, having closed them only a few moments ago. Looking up at the tall man you blinked. "Consider yourself hired. Also the children like to play dress up."
And before you knew it he had disappeared with a wave of his hand, leaving you with eight hungry mouths to feed.
"Dammit Slender." you hissed under your breath.
Base by: Codelauren

Oh, geez. A reader insert. YAY!
Have fun with those cuties.
But beware, they're still killers at heart.
Part 1:
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