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Child!Pastas x Reader Ch.5

You were sitting on the couch, watching some show-of course you made sure it was appropriate for the kids, you weren't going to be watching anything too graphic in front of them, Slendy would have your ass. Meanwhile the children were in three of the following rooms: the game room, the living room, or Sally's room. The young girl had gotten back sometime after you gave them all baths and... let's just say that she was really glad that she wasn't the youngest anymore. She was now playing with a few of them, probably Jane, maybe Toby. Most of them were in the game room, however Masky and Hoodie were sprawled out on the living room floor and drawing-once again. The two of them were quite good actually, and you could easily make out what the lines were meant to be. There were quite a few Slendermans here and there and a lot of the Operator symbols. But you could see a random doodle of a cheesecake marking one of Masky's pictures which made you giggle. The sound drew both Proxies' attention but you whipped your head back towards the television and pretended to be chuckling at whatever the yellow square had been saying. They shared a glance before returning back to their drawings, throwing looks at you every so often. They would continue to do this before the both were struck with inspiration and grabbed a new sheet of notebook paper.

The two would quietly bicker to eachother and draw at the same time.

You continued to watch the television, trying to figure out what was going on in the show at the moment. All you knew was that apparantly pies were bombs and that squids were jerks which didn't really help you at the moment. All in all... you were just plain lost. You flopped your head back onto the couch and draped your arms over the back of it, letting out a smile groan. Hey, you couldn't help that you were bored, it happens. So you instead settled on staring at the cieling at a small vertical hole that looked to have been made by a sharp object of sorts.... Hmmmm, you wonder what it could have been? A knife? Oh noooooo, no, that couldn't be it. But in all reality you knew that that was exactly what it was from, heck you were there to witness the whole thing go down.

Stupid Jeff had somehow let one of his victims escape and he got pissed off and just went on this drunken rage-that you had to clean up by yourself, of course, because he was too hungover the next day to help you out, you made sure to slap him after that. BEN must've said something that pissed him off and Jeff went to stab at him with the knife, but as he was swinging it up his grip loosened and it went straight into the cieling. Of course he-being drunk off his ass-didn't take any notice and just went on with the stabbing motion. You were just calmly sipping on your drink with a look on complete indifference at that time.

It took you forever to get his precious knife back down, mostly because it was a tall cieling and you had to use Jeff as a ladder of sorts and he wouldn't stop moving around.

You were then suddenly aware of the whispered conversation between the two proxies. You caught a few fragments of what they were saying but otherwise you had no idea what they were talking about. It had something to do with drawing, that much you knew.

Hoody was shaking his head while Masky pointed at something on the paper. Your name was said a few times and you were growing more and more curious as time went by.

You chose to speak up then, "So... what are you guys drawing?"

The two of them stopped what they were doing and turned towards you slowly.

"Uh, n-nothing ______." Masky told you and Hoody simply sat there, picture in his  hands.

"It's not finished yet." the other spoke and Masky nodded rapidly.

"Oh, okay... may I see it after is is though?"


The two exchanged a look.

Hoody nodded.

You grinned widely. "Sweet!"

Speaking of sweet...

"Oh! That reminds me, I got cheese-" you turned to find that they had already disappeared, the door to the kitchen swinging shut. "-cake..." you trailed off before sighing, deciding to follow the two and make sure they didn't eat every last piece of the treat.

Later on, after Hoody went back into the living room to draw, you and Masky were still at the table, the latter of which was still eating his piece of cheesecake. You meanwhile were eating __f/dessert__. The Proxy had his mask moved up so that his mouth was shown and he was happily munching on the dessert. Although... he was a bit too enthusiastic about it. He seemed to be getting it EVERYWHERE else but his mouth.

To be honest... it was a bit unnerving. To say the least.

You had JUST gotten him CLEAN dammit!

With lightning fast reflexes you took the fork from him, causing him to stop and blink rapdily-or you assumed-he was about to say something when you pushed the fork into the cake, taking off a bite-sized piece and held it in front of his mouth.

"__-______, what are you doing?"

"You were being messy. I'm helping." you stated, "Now, say 'ah'."

He was a bit hesitant at first, but the thought of being fed cheesecake was more than enough to tempt him. He opened his mouth and you shoved the fork in, waiting for him to close so that you could pull it back out. You continued this pattern until, alas, no more cheescake was on the plate. Setting down the fork you grabbed your napkin and used it to wipe at his face until it was clean once more. You pulled back.

"There! All done!" you grinned.

Little did you know he thought it tasted sweeter when you were the one feeding him.

When you had ventured back into the living room you reclaimed your seat on the couch, once again focusing your attention on the television. However your attention didn't remain set on the screen for long, especially not when a piece of paper was practically shoved in your face. You jumped a bit but calmed down once you discovered it was only Hoody. Running a hand along your face you sighed in relief.

"What is it?" you aksed him and he simply gestured towards the drawing. You glanced at it, gingerly taking it into your grasp. And there you were! Well, a little drawn figure of yourself that is. Complete with your ____(item/article of clothing that you wear alot)____. He even got your __h/l__ __h/c__ right! The eyes were just the tiniest bit off but you didn't mind. It was cute! He had even drawn the others, even Slenderman and And you were all holding hands and smiling and-it was just so adorable! It was like one of those pictures you'd draw in kindergarten when the teacher told you to draw your family-sure this family had bloody clothes and looked like they were all set up for Halloween but it was a family nonetheless!

"Aw, Hoody~!" you cooed, "This is amazing!"

"Really? You think so?" he asked you and you nodded rapidly.

"I know so! I'd put it on the fridge but I'm worried that someone else would do something to it-so I'll put it somewhere else! Somewhere where I can see it everyday! Like on my dresser's mirror!" Suddenly, before the child could say anything, you picked him up into your arms and gave him a tight hug, still grinning like a mad man.

You wouldn't know it, but he rather enjoyed it when you hugged him.
Masky and Hooooooooooody~
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